Theodolite sokkia DT-740

Quality, Performance, and Affordability that Ensure Maximum Profitability


  • SuperiorPerformance and Durability

    All models feature superior optics, mechanics, advanced absolute encoder systems, proven tilt compensators, and the industry’s highest IP66 protection grade.

    Power-Saving Technology Saves Battery Costs

    Four AA alkaline batteries provide extra-long operating time from 100 to 170 hours, saving costs for replacement batteries. The DT Series instruments operate for two to five weeks without changing batteries*
    * When used for seven hours a day, five days a week, excluding the use of laser pointers.

    Laser Pointer to Increase Construction Work Efficiency (Laser models)

    The laser models incorporate built-in coaxial laser pointers that maximize construction work efficiency. 
    The applications include: 
    – Layout (Setting-Out) 
    – Horizontal/Vertical Alignment 
    – Leveling 
    – Grading 
    – Squaring


  • Choice of 5 models
  • 2.5-second telescope resolving power
  • Magnification of 30x
  • Built-in absolute encoder
  • Automatic axis compensation
  • RS232 serial port
  • Laser pointer
  • Objective aperture of 1.8 inches
  • Circle diameter of 2.8 inches
  • Optical plummet
  • Dust proof and water resistant (IP66)
  • Battery life of up to 140 hours
  • Backlit dual LCD display
  • Detachable tribrach


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