Orintek T40


The Fiber Splicing Machine T40 Series have a new fully-digital design, core to core alignment, PAS Technology (Profile Alignment System), Standard accessories. Multiple language menu, 5.7 inch digital high definition LCD display, 8 Sec. splice time, 25 Sec. Tube-heat time…


  • The advanced core to core fiber profile alignment system(PAS)
  • X/Y axes were displayed meanwhile, Magnification up to 304 times
  • 8 Sec. splice time , 25 Sec. tube-heat time
  • Hig High-resolution true color 5.7 inch LCD display
  • Built-in high capacity battery, support 220 times splicing and heating, to meet one days’ work
  • Long Electrode Lifetime, up to 4000 times
  • Close shield splice automatically, Close heater lid heat automatically
  • USB interface – for updates + result transfers
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