Stripper Sumitomo JR-M03

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Mechanical jacket remover, compatible with with 250μm and 200μm coated single fibers.

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Applicable SplicerAll splicers
fiber countSingle
Coating Diameter250μm / 900μm / 1.6 to 3mm
Fiber Coating MaterialUV cured resin
Cladding Diameter125um
Removal Length
Dimensions90(W) x 150(D) x 10(H) mm, Approx. 100g
Power Supply
Standard Package
Spare Blades
Spare Battery

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • TYPE-82C
  • TYPE-82C+
  • Z1C
  • Z2C
  • Z2C
  • T-400S
  • TYPE-81M12
  • TYPE-72M12
  • TYPE-72M12-200
  • TYPE-201e-M4
  • T-402S
Weight1 kg
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Stripper Sumitomo JR-M03
Rp 1,650,000
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